Valerie Jarrett Loses Her VoiceThe real surprise here is that Valerie Jarrett by all accounts appears to be a very nice lady. Sadly she could not write text for a Fortune Cookie if her life depended on it.

But as nice as her friends claim she is, one would think her friends or relatives would have stepped in and stopped her from publishing this book (she’s best friends with Barack and Michelle Obama and actually lives with them).

If not stop her, then at the very least help her “phrase” and “construct” her sentences or pay a writer to clean this book up before it went to press.

This is an extremely hard read and I do not recommend it. The explanation of her extremely comfortable life reveals she is complaining about having been raised in rather cushy circumstances.

If anyone gets the idea that Valerie Jarrett has been looking down her nose at people throughout her life, they are correct. She’s led a life of absolute privilege.  Either she’s innocently just a poor writer or a truly condescending individual.

The most interesting part about this book is that her reviews are quite horrid and the book IS NOT selling, yet embarrassingly the book stays right where it paid to be – “on the New York Times Best Seller List”.

Jarrett’s book on the best seller list is just more concrete evidence that being on the New York Times Best Seller List or any other list is not a step an author earns from good writing or high book sales.

Anyone with a minimum of $200,000 cash can proudly get a book listed. It takes no writing skill whatsoever – it takes cash.

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