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UK POLITICS: BOJO is PM! Boris Johnson-a view from UK

British politics is broken. Brexit negotiations under Theresa May were a disaster. The two main parties are deeply divided. In 2016 we had a referendum: IN/ OUT of the European Union. To the surprise of politicians we voted OUT by 52%. Not a massive mandate, and therein lies the problem.  The country voted LEAVE, but the majority of MPs are REMAINERS.

We have the rise of The Brexit Party, headed by Nigel Farage, who swept all opposition away in the recent Members of the European Parliament election.  The problem with this party, in my view, is that it is new and has not had time to properly scrutinise its prospective candidates for Parliament. Many right wing extremists have attached themselves to the Brexit Party, and moderates like me are very concerned.

So what does the LEFT have to offer? Well the leader is JEREMY CORBYN a quasi Marxist, supporter of the IRA, anti NATO, anti anything which has a whiff of establishment. If elected, he will introduce a WEALTH TAX, which is entirely different from income tax. But more importantly his party is mired in a huge anti semitism scandal which has shocked MPs and public alike.

So, what of Boris Johnson? Well he is a committed LEAVER, and has promised to deliver BREXIT by 31st of October. Whether he can do this remains  to be seen. But in the country, Boris is incredibly popular, yet hated in the same measure by a significant minority.

His private life is as chaotic as his hair. A long suffering wife, with whom he has 4 children; a string of mistresses, a “love child”, an alleged abortion. So many political gaffes! As foreign secretary he managed to offend just about every head of state from Turkey to Iran.

Only Boris could have suspended himself on a zip wire waving a Union Jack, to promote the London Olympic Games. Only Boris could write a limerick about the  President of Turkey which begins: There was a leader from Ankara/ who himself was a w**nkerer….you get the idea. Only Boris could get away with referring to women wearing Islamic dress as “letterboxes”.

So, why has he been elected as party leader who by default is the PM, by more than double the votes of his rival? Behind that dishevelled exterior and bumbling speeches lies a wit and intellect second to none. Boris is energetic, inspirational, sociable, positive.

But is he a suitable PM? Probably not. But we’ve tried safe, secure and polite and it got us nowhere with Brexit, or anything else for that matter. So let’s give the guy a chance.

The crucial thing for him to do is to DELIVER BREXIT, by the date he specified. This would definitely damage the Brexit Party, and scupper the Labour Party, who are undecided on exactly where they stand.

But Boris has a majority of just TWO  MPs. Yes you read right TWO. Many of his party are anti Brexit, and may well hinder his Brexit ambitions. But what if he does, by some miracle, cobble together an agreement on Brexit with the EU which passes through Parliament? That would secure his position and see off the far right and far left, for now at least.

So what of his other policies? Boris is moderate, and his views are informed by liberal ideology. He is acutely aware that the wealth of London is not mirrored in the rest of the country, with the exception of notable pockets. Many people are “just about managing” (JAB). Young people are finding it impossible to buy a house without the help of the bank of mum and dad. We need to fight knife crime and feral gangs. The presence of more police on the streets is an imperative. The NHS needs to be combined with end of life social care. The list goes on. But in his campaign, Johnson and his rival, Jeremy Hunt also had a vision of how to make progress. However because we have been mired for THREE YEARS in Brexit negotiations which have led us nowhere, these issues have not been tackled.

IF Boris Johnson can deliver Brexit in an orderly manner, one which respects the democratic process of the referendum, yet gives us a deal with the EU which is mutually beneficial, then he will have cracked it and can fulfil his promises of social justice and equality. Is he the best person suited to this high office? Maybe not, but the alternatives are so much worse.






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