{Above] (Left) Dr. Robert Kahn often referred to as one of the father’s of the Internet. He helped design TCP/IP protocol. (Center) Rabbi Nathan Segal (Right) Kalep Gonzalez Blanco Technology Director of the Indigenous People of Mexico.

The Latin American Blockchain Summit held in San Jose, Los Cabos in brought several cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiasts to Mexico.

A guest of honor at the event was Robert Kahn, the co-inventor of the TCP/IP protocols. He was also responsible for originating DARPA’s Internet program. Kahn is known as one of the “Fathers of the Internet.” Kahn demonstrated the ARPNET by connecting 20 different computers at the International Computer Communication Conference.

And as always with anything of significance occurring at a technology conference, the east coast attendees invited Rabbi Chaim Noson (Nate) Segal of Staten Island, New York to start things off with an inspirational prayer.

(Left) Vinton G. Cerf and (Center) Robert E. Kahn, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients, stand with (Right) President George W. Bush Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2005 at the White House. Cerf and Kahn were honored for their work in helping to create the modern Internet. White House photo by Paul Morse

Father and son (L) Conrado Quezada Escandon (R) Conrado Quezada Rodriguez

Although arriving with absolutely different points of views about technological ideas, great friendships were forged during that conference that are working on joint long term projects still today.  Those alliances will likely last far into the future.

NOTE:  Except for the photo of San Jose, Los Cabos “Arch on the water” photo, all photos in this article were taken by Conrado Quezada Escandon and his son Conrado Quezada Rodriguez.

Those alliances were strong enough that they resulted in solutions for education in Hong Kong for college students living anywhere in the world as well as for housing of the indigenous in Mexico with the help of Habitat for Humanity.

A great education program at www.Wyith.edu in Hong Kong was established by Dr. Raymond Cheng where students from all over the world commit to online classes by paying for their incidentals in cash and www.Wyith.edu has committed to paying their respective tuitions using Bankcoin Reserve at Wyith (BCR@W).

Wyith.edu is offering classes from multiple prestigious universities (Wesleyan PH to Anglia Ruskin Cambridge) to name a few.

In the United States, the IRS recently revealed its final ruling in October which we all take quite seriously. Everyone is prepared to pay taxes on all cryptocurrencies.

The Cryptocurrency Evolution began with Bitcoin (BTC).  BTC opened the doors for all cryptocurrencies back in 2008 but Bitcoin wasn’t the only cryptocurrency on the horizon back then, there was also Bankcoin Reserve in Australia. Coins know no Cultural limitations and are viable internationally.

Rabbi Nate Segal is the Director of the Community Development and Outreach for Torah U’Mesorah. He also serves as Senior Rabbi of the New Springville Jewish Center in Staten Island, New York.  We are all etremely proud that Rabbi Segal endorses and accepts BankcoinReserve.io

Rabbi Nate Segal has founded Jewish communities in Charlotte, NC, Victoria, BC, Scottsdale, AZ and Norfolk, VA.

And faith in work, humanity and core values brought many faith filled people from all walks of life to work together on Bankcoin Reserve.

Dr. Shaun Marler‘s Evangelical ministry is based in Brisbane, Australia but his orphanages, food and medical centers can be found in several countries. Dr. Marler endorses and accepts BCR.

Pastor Jim Kibler’s ministry is based in Melbourne, Florida and his church teaches that hard work and prayer goes with abundance. Pastor Kibler endorses and accepts BCR.

Rabbi Chaim Noson (Nate) Segal‘s Orthodox Jewish ministry is based in Staten Island, New York. Rabbi Segal endorses and accepts BCR.

Bankcoin Reserve (BCR)’s prayer group is led by Christian Pastor, Abraham Brignoni and his wife Jacquie who live in Deltona, Florida and they endorse and accept BCR.

To learn about Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) visit https://BankcoinReserve.io.  Learn about BCR’s patents and read its white paper.

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