By the end of 2019, the global gaming market is estimated to be worth $152 billion, with 45% of that, $68.5 billion, coming directly from mobile games.

With this tremendous growth (10.2% YoY to be precise) has come a flurry of investments and acquisitions, everyone wanting a cut of the pie. In fact, over the last 18 months, the global gaming industry has seen $9.6 billion in investments and if investments continue at this current pace, the amount of investment generated in 2018-19 will be higher than the eight previous years combined.

{Source: Omer Kaplan for TechCrunch}

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The Origins

Over 2 billion years ago, came the existence of the mightiest race known to the Universe – the Yoenixians from a world called Yeonix (pronounced Yo-Nix). The mysterious and powerful ‘Engineers of the Universe’ created the Yeonixians with great thought and precision allowing them to quickly evolve into a prime species.

The Yeonixians were soon the most fearsome species in the Universe and were known to be notorious, wasteful and hedonistic. In spite of their extreme scientific and technological advancement, their wasteful nature led to a rapid depletion of resources available on their planet and ultimately started threatening their existence altogether. The fear of extinction raised concerns in the Tzar’s Council.

The Tzar and his Councilmen knew they needed a way out and fast, so they commissioned their most intelligent minds to build a powerful and sophisticated technology that would enable them to travel through space and to other galaxies and their planets in search of resources. Thus began the Yeonixians’ nomadic attempts at survival.

Our story begins when the Yeonixians have already traversed through galaxies conquering and destroying planets with the aid of advanced technology and weaponry and are now making their way into the ‘Milky Way’ galaxy – where planet Earth, another evolved and advanced planet revolves around its Sun.

The Yeonixian population has been further declining due to the many war casualties that they have been facing in their endless pursuit of survival at the cost of exhausting all planetary resources. The Tzar and his Council know they need another solution if they want to continue ruling the Universe as the mightiest race.

After much deliberation, the Council have arrived at the best ‘solution’- the ultimate fighting tournament, a simple one-on-one battle of two equals – one representing Yeonix, the other of the planet they wish to challenge. If victorious, the planet is spared from Yeonixian rule. But if vanquished, the race is to be annihilated and their resources left at Yeonixian disposal. Knowing the might of their militia and technological superiority, the Tzar is convinced no other species will dare to defy their decree. Thus, a summon is sent across the galaxy – that each planet is to choose a champion warrior who will represent them in the most epic battle in the Universe – GALACTIC SHOWDOWN.

It is the year 4,200 A.D. The planet has evolved into a progressive, sustainable land with great advancements in science and technology along with peace and harmony amongst its people. The existence of ‘life’ in outer space is now known to human beings and they have all united under one ‘Supreme Leader’ with the same ideals and beliefs.

Upon receiving the summon from the Yeonixian Tzar, the ‘Supreme Leader’ has decided to accept the challenge to GALACTIC SHOWDOWN with pride knowing that the time has come to unleash the ‘Chosen One’, LeiGong.

LeiGong is the mystical seed of thunder (nature) and electricity (technology) making him the most extraordinarily powerful human being known on Earth. LeiGong was born with the spiritual essence of the two most symbolic elements of planet Earth and was gifted with immense strength and wisdom.

The largest battle ring is ready to experience the most epic battles ever fought in the Universe. May the mightiest win – Let’s FIGHT!

Brick-and-mortar businesses accepting Bankcoin Reserve (AUSTRALIA).

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Dr. Marsilio, chiropractor accepts BCR in Winter Park, Florida, UNITED STATES  https://www.snn.bz/fitness/dr-marsilio-accepts-bankcoin-reserve/

Jill Egizii, former Mayor of Leland Grove, Illinois now dedicates her time to WILD CANINE RESCUE a national 501(C)3 based in Illinois. UNITED STATES.  https://www.snn.bz/news/jill-egizii-endorses-and-accepts-bankcoin-reserve/

Sebow Custom Golf Putters designed for your grip, your height, your swing… accepts BCR INTERNATIONAL

Naowell Abt – Fine Art Photography from Abstract to Nature accepts BCR, lives in FRANCE

Exciting Online game KARAOGAME now accepts BCR and BCG – Game is INTERNATIONAL

Michael Byriel, Residential Realtor AUSTRALIA accepts commissions in BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/real-estate/michael-byriel-realtor-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/ 

Col. David Brenner (Ret.) Commercial Realtor, Winter Park, Florida, UNITED STATES accepts commissions in BCR:  https://cbrenner.com

Pastor Jim Kibler Melbourne, Florida, UNITED STATES accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/life-style/pastor-jim-kibler-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-for-donations/

The World Harvest Ministries accepts BCR and BCG INTERNATIONAL:  https://www.snn.bz/life-style/world-harvest-ministries-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

The BIBLE website ThyWord.Global (INTERNATIONAL) accepts BCR and BCG:  https://www.snn.bz/life-style/thy-word-global-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Wyith.EDU online Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees HONG KONG accept BCR, BCG and BCR@W:  http://wyith.edu

QuitaSSo is a Picasso Art Lover and Enthusiast. This artist currently lives in MEXICO and accepts 50% cash 50% BCR for artwork:  https://www.snn.bz/news/quito-quezada-artist-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Space Coast Business Consultancy accepts BCR UNITED STATES https://e3company.com

Stewart and Dena Stewart Artists, Miami Beach, Florida, UNITED STATES accept 50% cash 50% BCR for artwork:  http://stewartstewart.us/category/artist/  and  http://denastewart.us/category/denas-artwork/

Automotive Consultants Car Dealership in AUSTRALIA accept down payments in BCR and BCG:  https://www.snn.bz/business/automotive-consultants-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Kerry’s Creative Cuts Hair Salon AUSTRALIA https://www.snn.bz/business/creative-cuts-hair-salons-accepting-bankcoin-reserve/

Signature Hair Stylists SINGAPORE accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/fashion/signature-hairstylists-accept-bankcoin-global-and-bankcoin-reserve/

Ian Jacobs 3 time world champion, personal trainer INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SPEAKER: https://www.snn.bz/news/former-world-kickboxing-champion-ian-jacobs-accepts-both-bankcoinreserve-and-bankcoinglobal/

The plumber BMP AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/business/bmp-plumbing-accepts-bankcoin/|

SjW Mushroom Grower & Distributor AUSTRALIA accepts BCR: https://www.snn.bz/business/mushrooms-to-bankcoin/

Daniel Street fruit and vegetables AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/food/daniel-street-fruit-and-vegetables/


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