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Hipólito Arriaga Pote recognized by United Nations

(United Nations) NEW YORK | Hipolito Arriaga Pote made history on Indigenous People’s Day at the United Nations when he followed protocol by the customary raising of the hand to be recognized to speak at the United Nations. He spoke to the entire United Nations body encompassing Indigenous People from every part of the world.

Grand Chief Edward John represented the indigenous of Canada and served as a panelist. The Honorable Mr. Smith represented the indigenous of the United States and the Honorable Hipolito Arriaga Pote represented the Indigenous of Mexico; that meant that the three leaders of the Indigenous People of North America representing Canada, the United States and Mexico, were present in the United Nations Celebration of Indigenous Languages.

History was made at the U.N. during the Day of Indigenous People when the protocol of the customary “raised hand” of Hipolito Arriaga Pote, Governor of the Indigenous People of Mexico was recognized. He addressed the Assembly.

(From L to R) Kalep Gonzalez Blanco, Hipolito Arriaga Pote. Mr. Smith, UN Executive, Luis Galvis Cuy

(From L to R) Armando Gomez Gonzalez, Luis Alberto Castellanos Alvarado, Luis Galvis Cuy, Gloria Starr Kins, Kalep Gonzalez Blanco, Hipolito Arriaga Pote.

United Nations Day of the Indigenous People Speaker’s Panel

Kalep Gonzalez Blanco and Hipolito Arriaga Pote look on as close friends Gloria Starr Kins and Daniela Bas share a quiet moment.

Elected Governor of the Indigenous People of Mexio, Hipolito Arriaga Pote. Photo taken on the International Indigenous Day at the United Nations, August 9, 2019.

Meeting at the Permanent Mission of Mexico to the United Nations (L to R back row) Luis Alberto Castellanos Alvarado, Armando Gomez Gonzalez, David McNulty. (L to R front row) Gloria Starr Kins, Kalep Gonzalez Blanco, Luis Galvis Cuy, Hipolito Arriaga Pote, Rodolfo Diaz Ortega and Valeria Monge.

Protesters (not of indigenous ancestry) made their presence known with a silent procession.

Protesters, when asked what their cause was, were actually unaware of what they were protesting.

New York’s Finest was friendly but seriously prepared to protect the Day of Indigenous People at the United Nations with no-nonsense security practices.

“The United Nations stands ready to support all initiatives aimed at realizing the rights and aspirations of indigenous peoples.”
— UN Secretary-General António Guterres

[Image Left]  Mexico’s President Mr. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and the new Secretary of Science and Technology for the Indigenous People, Kalep Gonzalez Blanco.

Mexico’s Indigenous Nation will preserve its traditions and multiple cultures while also extending itself towards today’s state-of-the-art sciences and technologies.

The gentlemen in this article are newly appointed Secretaries of Mexico’s Indigenous People of Mexico’s Government: They are Dr. Kalep Gonzalez Blanco (Secretary for Science and Technology) Luis Alberto Castellanos Alvarado (Secretary of Exterior Relations), Armando Gomez Gonzalez (National Accountant to the Indigenous People of Mexico), David McNulty (Logistics for Secretary of Science and Technology), Luis Galvis Cuy (Ambassador for International Business Affairs for the Indigenous People of Mexico), Hipolito Arriaga Pote (Governor of the Indigenous People of Mexico).

Saoirse Kennedy Hill

The Indigenous People’s interests go far beyond just local infrastructure, construction and agriculture. They are bringing the Indigenous People into all futuristic technologies including the study of Cryptocurrency and Aerospace exploration.  Upon learning of the Media’s Report that Saoirse Kennedy had been helping the Indigenous People of Mexico, Hipolito Arriaga Pote sent his heartfelt condolences to the Kennedy Family.  He said…

“Lamentamos enterarnos de la noticia en los medios sobre la muerte de la señorita Saoirse Kennedy Hill quienes informan que tanto ayudo a los Indígenas Mexicanos. Nuestro más sincero y profundo pésame a la familia”
— Hipólito Arriaga Pote Gobernador Nacional Indigena.”

Robert F. Kennedy’s granddaughter Saoirse Kennedy Hill has passed away at the young age of 22. Daughter of Courtney Kennedy Hill and Paul Hill, Saoirse passed away on Thursday at the Kennedy compound in Massachusetts, according to the press.  The Cape & Islands District Attorney’s Office, reported that she was taken to Cape Cod Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. She was tireless in her quest to help others suffering from bipolar disorder by blogging about the condition.

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