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Former World Kickboxing Champion Ian Jacobs accepts both BankcoinReserve and BankcoinGlobal

Accordng to Wikipedia…  He has had victories over other former World Champions, such as Gurkan Ozkan by Unanimous points decision, and ‘Diamond’ Dale Westerman by Knockout.

“My childhood dream was to be one of the greatest fighters of all time. I was born with a gift that has allowed me to achieve remarkable success and now I want to educate others on what I have learned.

I see the future is digital money and cryptocurrency, I want to be the first Kickboxing World Champion to accept payments in Bankcoin Reserve and Bankcoin.Global “. — Ian Jacobs

I was raised by a tough, strict father and loving mother, brought up with honour, respect and strong family values. I was taught to believe that I could do anything, emotionally educated and supported by my strong and loving family.

I was six when I first knew I was going to be world champion. Against my mum’s wishes I trained with my brothers and friends in pursuit of a fight career. When I was 18 she watch my second fight (state title), and said she knew at that moment my childhood claims would come true and became my biggest fan. Funnily enough, I went on to win my first world title on my mum’s 50th birthday! What a happy birthday and historical moment of life for my mum!

Becoming triple world champion launched my profile and shaped my journey to create other champions in and out of the ring. Over my lifetime career I’ve enjoyed helping people to achieve their personal goals and become healthier, happier, and safer individuals.

What was a boy’s dream became a man’s quest and now belongs to all and everyone that cares, shares a passion to succeed, and a desire for a better quality of life.

Below is the life I chose, the challenges I faced, the list of what I did to become who I am and be respected so I have a voice to be truly heard.

Triple World Champion
World Record for the fastest KO in kickboxing (2009 in comeback fight)
Voted “Pound for Pound” Australia’s greatest ever Undisputed World Champion Kickboxer.
Best ever fight seen on Fox Sports TV
Australia’s most wanted comeback fighter
Voted one of the Best Martial Artists of All Time
Inducted into the International Kickboxing Hall of Fame

Founder Of:
SAFE – Founder of the Safe Family Program
As an expert in community and family safety, I specialize in prevention, awareness, conflict resolution and educating the ability to avoid being a profiled targeted victim.

Seeing the increases of violence against women, children and elderly lead and shared a desire from associated friends and experts to combat these incidents. I set my second life goal to develop a first of its kind educational and empowering awareness and prevention initiative S.A.F.E – Securing A Family’s Environment. This program has been extremely successful, renowned and respected for helping families and is changing lives every day.

“I am so grateful to have achieved my goals and to be living my quest with so much support and success. I look forward to all that join me in there future to reach greater self, work and life success.” — Ian Jacobs

Training Expertise
Grand Master Trainer
Trained more than 100 champions and 6 world champions
20+ years of developing fitness and rehabilitation programs for elite athletes, corporate organisations and gyms
20+ years of teaching and developing self defense programs
International Bodyguard
Four years posted in various high risk countries. I have been fortunate enough to work with many Australian and international subject matter experts in almost every style of combat and conflict prevention and resolution. In addition, I have been contracted as a security consultant to many Australian corporations.

What’s in it for you?
I take great pride and enjoy seeing my clients achieve their personal goals, lifestyle empowerment, and improve their work performance, while providing harmonious family values, security and safety.

I specialize in three predominate areas:
Customizing health, fitness and weight loss programs though my revolutionary BodyTrance methodology and World Champion Experience Programs.
Provide information on enhancing life expansion programs and access to the right resources and people.

Educating people, companies and families how to live happier and safer lives through a statistical based life skill program called S.A.F.E – Securing a Family’s Environment.

I make it all happen through motivational talks, educational workshops, corporate group training and personal tuition.

Overview of Achievements

Undisputed Triple World Champion Kickboxing & Thai Boxing
World – W.K.A Champion
World – Intercontinental W.K.A champion
World I.S.K.A Champion
10 x state, national & international titles

World’s fastest KO 1.8 seconds on the 11.11.2009

1996 – I.K Hall of Fame
2008 – I.S.K.A Hall of Fame
2013 – Qld. Muay Thai Hall of Fame

100+ Champion athletes with state, national, international and world titles.
Cross fit training programs for Broncos, Reds, Fire Birds and more…

Ian Jacobs made a comeback to Kickboxing in November 2009, at Tarik Solak’s A-1 8 man eliminator tournament. In his 1st match, Ian set a new world record for the fastest KO in kickboxing history, breaking a record held for 17 years by Stan Longinidis, as Ian Jacobs knocked out The Headhunter in seconds. However, Ian Jacobs then lost to Baris Nezif in the Semi-final via Knockout.

Ian’s only other 2 losses came from earlier in his career against Manson Gibson and Alex Tui.[6]
On Tarik Solak’s A-1 show in 2008, Tarik Solak said that, “Ian Jacobs is the best Kickboxer in Australia, that I have ever seen.”

Titles and accomplishments
WKA World Middleweight Kickboxing Title
WKA World Middleweight Muay Thai Title
ISKA World Super Middleweight Muay Thai Title
2 x Commonwealth Super Middleweight Title
Commonwealth Middleweight Title
Australia Middleweight Title
Australia Super Light Heavyweight Title
Queensland Super Middleweight Title
Queensland Light Heavyweight Title

National hardest hitting champion in both light & heavy weight divisions
Best ever kick Knock Out award
Inducted into the Kickboxing Hall of fame
Best fight ever seen on FOX Sports
Three-time winner of the open “National Martial Arts League”. Hardest punch, hardest kick and hardest punch/ kick combination. Winner of both lightweight and heavyweight divisions.

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