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Bitcoin is Volatile = Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) is not!

Shaune Clarke and Kylie Lane love each other and they both love BCR

A New Generation of Cryptocurrency Has Been Born…

By Shaune Clarke

We have all heard the $Million Dollar success stories of those that purchased Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies early on. We have also seen cryptocurrencies display their intense volatility.

BIG NEWS… There’s a new Era of Cryptocurrency being born called “The Stablecoins”. And the Stablecoins are just that… STABLE (not volatile at all).

With this new wave of Cryptocurrency – there is likewise a new wave of opportunity for those who are first to recognise it for the opportunity that it is.

Let me take a moment to explain… The most popular Stablecoin is Tether. Tether does not really offer an investment opportunity. It does however offer a great purpose or “user case.” And that purpose is for Traders to store their Crypto in a stable environment.

A trader may buy Bitcoin at $9,800 (USD) and want to sell it at $10,150 (USD) Once they sell – they want to ‘hold their money where they will not lose it again. Tether answers this need.

For example,Tether holds its value (at $1 USD) and so becomes a place for traders to store their funds in between trades. They buy – They sell – and They transfer those funds to buy Tether.

Tether does not go up or down in value and so it holds its value until the traders want to buy and or sell it again.

This is important because it represents a massive awareness and shift towards… STABILITY in Cryptocurrency. As mentioned, it still does not represent the new opportunity – just the foundation of that opportunity.

It is a clue of what is to come. Before I explain that point – let me take a moment to explain something quite powerful…

Cryptocurrency can be quite simple to predict. For example, it can predict where the next Millionaires will be produced.


Just like Dial-up Internet was the first rudimentary version of the Internet – Cryptocurrency is similar in that it is the rudimentary version of the Global Universal Cryptocurrency everyone wants.

And it is again similar to when Dial-up evolved to Broadband. All we have to do is watch and be aware of what coin will evolve next to become… “The Broadband” – of Cryptocurrency.

We might even say – what we all want to find now is… “The Google of Cryptocurrency”.

In my opinion – There is a race on as we speak. And that race is to identify which of the listed coins will solve all 4 of these problems…

1) Transaction Costs.

2) Transaction Speed.

3) Price Volatility.

4) Payment Gateway System.

These are the 4 problems cryptocurrency faces today. And I believe – that whoever solves those 4 problems first – will become… “The Google of Cryptocurrency”.

Let me share a clue with you of just how true this is. We can see how Ethereum moved to Proof of Stake (PoS) from Proof of Work (PoW) – in order to solve the first two problems. That is because PoS is a quicker and less expensive way of “confirming transactions”.

Confirming transactions is a critical component of cryptocurrency. PoW is a slow and expensive option. PoS is a fast an inexpensive option.

So 2 of the 4 problems get resolved with PoS (proof of stake). With this distinction, Ethereum has solved 2 problems.

BUT… That still leaves two problems unresolved…

1) Price Volatility. And…
2) Payment Gateway System.

The Payment Gateway can be resolved with a third party system – but THE BIG problem of PRICE VOLATILITY can only be solved by “A STABLECOIN”. Not Tether however, as its user case is not as a Cryptocurrency.

Tether’s use or purpose is just for traders to store their funds for trading. Clearly, we need a combination of Tether “and” Ethereum. What we see there is evolution… Tether displays the possibility of Stability and Ethereum displays the possibility to increase speed and lower costs.

AND SO… The question at hand, is which of the many listed coins will answer this void and solve all 4 problems?

That void needs to be filled by a Cryptocurrency and this is the big crypto opportunity.

What cryptocurrency can possibly fill that void?

ENTER… Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) found at https://bankcoinreserve.io

Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) has its own Native PoS (proof of stake) Blockchain… That means that it has its own native Blockchain (that is not rented from another coin).

Tether, in fact, (rents), uses space on the Ethereum network. (it uses as much as 40% of the Ethereum network).

In other words – by having its own blockchain there is a lot of free bandwidth – which equates to…

— Faster transaction speeds and Lower Transaction costs.
— And that’s on top of it already being PoS. So it is not only PoS but but is also accompanied by more available bandwidth.

Now… If you are a merchant wanting to transact with Cryptocurrency – that is highly attractive. BUT – it gets even more appealing for merchants.

Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) is A STABLECOIN. Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) is Tethered (pegged) to the price of Gold.

That means that the typical Crypto volatility is eliminated. So the big unanswered problem of the 4 problems (volatility) has also been answered by Bankcoin Reserve (BCR).

But it is not just tethered to the price of Gold – it is tethered to… “The Ceiling Price of Gold” Simply Put… the price / value of Bankcoin Reserve – can not go down.

The value / price of the coin does not go down when the price of Gold goes down because Bankcoin Reserve is tethered to “The Ceiling Price” of Gold – the value of the coin can only rise and it does when the value of Gold Rises. And it holds that last ceiling price. It just stays at the highest price of Gold – even if the price of Gold drops BCR holds its position.

People often tell me… “Wow, How is that possible?” This has been one of greatest realisations that has deepened my appreciation for the power of Cryptocurrency.

It is such a gift to us – something that will only happen once and it is happening during our lifetime. It is as simple as this…

With Cryptocurrency – you can write / code to govern the rules or parameters you want in the coin.

Bitcoin’s code dictates that the supply/mining will be cut in half 4 times in its lifetime.

This has already happened twice and will happen again Mid-May. Because it is hard-coded – written into the code the “halving” as it is referred to is inevitable. It is an irrefutable principle of Bitcoin. I mention this to demonstrate that this is how Crypto works.

You decide the parameters and rules of the coin and you code “code” those instructions in so that the coin will follow those parameters.

With Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) – one of its most important and powerful principles is that…

The value of BCR being tethered to the ceiling price of Gold becomes – super attractive to merchants. Not only is the speed fast. Not only are the transaction costs super low. Not only is there ZERO volatility.

Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) is the perfect Cryptocurrency. So there we have it… Bankcoin Reserve solves all 4 problems…

— By virtue of being a native PoS blockchain…
— The speed and cost of transaction is solved in the most magnificent way…
— As in the case of Ethereum, a 3rd party payment gateway can be used.

BUT… The big deal is that it has all of that plus it is a Stablecoin that eliminates volatility as well as actually increases in value. I find that amazing!

Also consider that the wallet for Bankcoin Reserve is a mining wallet offering 10% compound interest per year, completely on autopilot.

Just leave your computer on with the wallet open and it automatically creates free coins for you.

Eight (8) patents cover every possible financial product related to cryptocurrency that exists today and that will be invented in the future.

The Next Generation of Cryptocurrency has arrived. It is Bankcoin Reserve (BCR). Download your wallet today at https://bankcoinreserve.io

If you have any questions please reach out to me at…


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