World Renowned Speaker & Copywriting Strategist Joins the Bankcoin Reserve Team.

Shaune Clarke is a natural born speaker & educator who has twice spoken alongside Sir Richard Branson.  He hails from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has traveled the world for decades, teaching business owners and corporate leaders how to effectively communicate the value they offer, to their customers.  Shaune says…

“it’s the wording (persuasive copy) that ultimately moves a customer from curiosity, to interest to purchase. It is a delicate process that has to be well-crafted to support the buying psychology of today’s hesitant and knowledgeable buyer.”

Clarke may not realize it but many of his teachings boil down to “do unto others as you would like done unto you.”

The majority of his teachings could just as easily appear in an ethics seminar as they could in a business seminar. The course teachings have more to do with values and integrity – slick, smart “new age” marketing jargon is kept to a minimum.

And his client list mirrors his success and thinking – World Champions, Olympians, Best-Selling Authors, Renowned Speakers & Business leaders, including…  3X World Champion, Ian Jacobs – Chiropractor of the Year, Dr. Jennifer Floreani.  Former AFL Club CEO, Cameron Schwab – 5X Olympian, Nat Cook – And more.

Everyone at http://bankcoinreserve.io could not be more proud or excited to have one of the world’s greatest copywriters join our team. 

This is a particularly momentous milestone because, Shaune has never made himself available for this sort of position.

As a business owner himself, Shaune is very aware of the ROI he receives in using his copywriting skills, in his own business ventures. Indeed…

It’s his genius-level copywriting skills and strategic thinking, that have served as the foundations for the creation of his own workshop business – a $M enterprise.

With respect to why Shaune would make this exception and add his skills to our team, we deeply appreciate the sincerity in his explanation…

“There’s no greater force in global economic transactions right now than Cryptocurrency. There are however, problems to solve.

I view BCR as… ‘The problem-solving coin’ – and this is why I have decided to join the team, endorse the coin and accept it as a form of payment myself.

It’s just too needed and too innovative not to.”

With open arms we welcome Shaune Clarke to the BCR family.

Download your Bankcoin Reserve electronic wallet today at…


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To date, the Brisbane, Australia based Christian Evangelist Dr. Shaun Marler founder of World Harvest International has endorsed and accepted BCR for his ministries.  Soon after, Staten Island, New York based orthodox Rabbi Nathan Segal endorsed and accepted BCR for his temple and work donations. Now, the Canadian born advisor to corporate leaders and world sports figures, Shaune Clarke has endorsed and accepted BCR for his services.

Toronto, Canada based cryptocurrency exchange CCXCanada has publicly announced that BCR will be listed on CCX within weeks!


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