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DANNY BOY English and Spanish lyrics

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Danny Boy” is a ballad set to an ancient Irish melody. English songwriter Frederic Weatherly wrote the lyrics, which are usually set to the Irish tune of the “Londonderry Air“. The song was written in a small town called ‘Limavady’ It is most closely associated with Irish communities.


Michael Londra

Father Ray Kelly

Eva Cassidy

Malinda Kathleen Reese


1940 recording by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra on RCA Bluebird, B-10612-B

In 1910, English lawyer and lyricist Frederic Weatherly wrote the words to “Danny Boy” in Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom.

After his Irish-born sister-in-law Margaret (known as Jess) in the United States sent him a copy of “Londonderry Air” in 1913 (an alternative version of the story has her singing the air to him in 1912 with different lyrics), Weatherly modified the lyrics of “Danny Boy” to fit the rhyme and meter of “Londonderry Air”.

Weatherly gave the song to the vocalist Elsie Griffin, who made it one of the most popular songs in the new century. In 1915, Ernestine Schumann-Heink produced the first recording of “Danny Boy”.

Jane Ross of Limavady is credited with collecting the melody of “Londonderry Air” in the mid-19th century from a musician she encountered.

In 2013, American retired school teacher and technology enthusiast RUTH LILLIAN DITUCCI BARROWS [Wrote / Translated] the lyrics of “Danny Boy” into Spanish in her friend David McNulty’s Vacation Rental property at Sharpe Lane in Cudjoe Keys, Florida.

She wrote and duly Copyrighted the Spanish version titled HIJO DANIEL to fit the rhyme and meter of the English version of DANNY BOY.

RUTH LILLIAN DITUCCI BARROWS then gave the Spanish version of the song to a vocalist (who had done a beautiful interpretation of Danny Boy in English) and asked the singer to sing the Spanish version as well. The vocalist sang Hijo Daniel beautifully and was given a contract so that she too could benefit from the eventual professional recording and distribution of the song.

While the English Danny Boy song is considered “public domain.” The Spanish version titled HIJO DANIEL however, exists as a Registered Copyright in the US Office of Trademarks and Copyrights.

The work is titled HIJ0 DANIEL. The work is Catalogued under MUSIC. Its Registration Number is PAu003702366 Registration Dated 2013-09-10.

Its Application Title is HIJO DANIEL. Its title remains and the copyright was awarded as HIJO DANIEL. The work’s description is as an “Electronic File (eService)“.

The copyright claimant is RUTH LILLIAN BARROWS, 1953 – Applied for from Brevard County, Florida. The work’s Date of Creation was registered as 2013. Authorship on Application is RUTH LILLIAN BARROWS.

Authorship on Application is RUTH LILLIAN BARROWS, 1953 Domicile: United States; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: LYRICS. Pre-existing Material: LYRICS.

Basis of Claim: Lyrics TRANSLATION. Rights and Permissions: RUTH LILLIAN BARROWS, USA

Named on this copyright: RUTH LILLIAN BARROWS.

Work Title: HIJO DANIEL BMI Work #: 15845137 ISWC: T-913.623.302-8

Spanish Lyrics: HIJO DANIEL
Lyrrics by: Ruth Lillian DiTucci Barrows

Hijo Daniel, las gaitas si nos llaman
De valle en valle, y alrededor de aqui
Verano al fin, las rosas pierden petalos
Vete pues yo, voy a permanecer

Pero regresa cuando el clima cambie
O cuando nieve cubra el monte al fin
Estare aqui con sol o con tinieblas
Hijo Daniel, Hijo Daniel te quiero a ti.

Al regresar si ves las flores muertas
Y yo probable morire tambien
Ven buscame a ver donde descanso
Reza un “Ave Maria” por mi

Yo oire tus pasos sur la tierra
Mi tumba dulce sentira calor
Arrodillate y dime que me quieres
Dormire en paz hasta que vengas tu a mi.


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