[BRISBANE]  Australia |  As an evangelist that lives by faith, Dr. Shaun Marler has been known to preach the Gospel both at home in his native Brisbane, Queensland, Australia just as he does when he takes the Gospel to India or Asia – where ever he is needed. If the authorities allow it, Dr. Marler spreads the word.

Many affectionately say that he reminds them of Rev. Billy Graham during the sixties and seventies.

Dr. Marler preaching to a large crowd in Ethiopia.

Dr. Shaun Marler is a vessel God uses to safeguard children and to feed the hungry. His ministries are varied and his influence – magnetic. Anyone that knows him refers to him as a great man of God and in his business, the business of preaching the Gospel, those words have meaning.

His work has taken him to many countries and the success of his multiple ministries has fed many men and saved their souls. Someone remembering their visit to an Islamic country recalls how the authorities held him and his assistants under house arrest in the hotel. He was reminded that he was in an Islamic country and told to stay in his room until further notice. They would not risk his continuing to convert so many Islamic citizens to Christianity.

Dr. Marler at one of his ministries many orphanages


About Their Vision

To raise up Lifegroups.
To see tremendous Church growth in mass meetings and from house to house.
To take the anointing into our homes and saturate them with the presence of God.
To develop relationships with our fellow Christians.
To equip the saints for the work of the ministry.
To develop a training ground to learning to flow in the gifts of the Spirit.
To reach our neighbours and friends with the love of God.

The anointed Dr. Marler preaching the Gospel from the pulpit where he delivers the kind of sermons that make his congregant’s hair stand on end!

Dr. Marler saving lives at a healing rally

You are a somebody because God loves you and He never wastes His time to make a nobody. You were made by God, He has a plan for your life, there is nobody else on earth like you, you are unique, one of a kind, you are special, special to me and special to God. You are designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness.

You were born to win, born to achieve. You are the apple of your Father’s eye, Jesus loves you. You are needed, you are loved, God needs you to accomplish through you His plan of love to reach out and touch somebody for Him. You can do it, you are a world overcomer, this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith that God has placed in our heart. You are valuable, don’t fear, don’t worry the best is yet to come because better is the end of a thing than its beginning.

Current Projects

Our current local project is called “Harvest Food Assist”.  This is a non-profit Christian mission organisation dedicated to feeding the hungry in Australia and around the world and reaching those in desperate need.

Every week we are receiving phone calls from people in desperate need. It is wonderful to be able to extend to them the love of God in practical ways by giving them a free food parcel.

One of our care team meets and listens with a caring ear as these people are able to share their stories. Some of these stories are quite heart breaking and it is so good to be able to give them a listening ear and a little practical help during their time of need. We are also able through our network, to refer them on to other places of assistance.

In this way, your prayers, support and financial donations are helping us make a difference in the lives of others. Your partnership is a vital part of this much needed ministry!

If you would like to donate to Harvest Food Assist, please visit our donation page. 

** PLEASE NOTE: All Harvest Food Assist donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible. Please send email to general@whm.org.au to receive your tax deductible receipt.

Please visit our Harvest Food Assist Facebook page for more information.

This is a beautiful scene. It is all about moments like this!

Brian is ministering to a gentleman who has come

through Harvest Food Assist that is in need of food relief.  He received a free emergency food parcel and a good dose of God’s love.


Our most recent overseas project was the purchasing of an ambulance.  This ambulance allows us to easily conduct mobile medical treatments and food distribution to the poor of India.

If you would like to invest into this ministry, you can visit our Donation page where you will find details on how you can show your support.

Raj with the ambulance

The poor and needy of India lining up to receive medical and food relief.

The poor and needy of India lining up to receive medical and food relief.

A man receiving medical attention.

A lady receiving medical attention

A man receiving a medical check-up

Your Partnership made it possible for us to purchase this ambulance, medical supplies and food.  If you would like to sponsor a mobile medical camp to help us continue to supply the poor and destitute of India with much need medical treatments and food relief, you can do so by making an online donation today!

Dr. Marler has said that he is accepting Bankcoin Reserve and Bankcoin Global for his ministries. That’s a miracle!

What are Dr. Marler’s thoughts going forward?  He is interested in spreading the Gospel in Central and South America.

We are proud to partner with Dr. Marler.

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