Platinum Produce is a small family run business which has been operating since its inception back in 2005.  Previous to this it was called Suncoast fruit which had been wholesaling on the sunshine coast since 1992, which makes it one of the longest running wholesale produce businesses on the Sunshine Coast.

In this time the business has grown each and every year providing jobs to many locals, whilst buying fresh local produce from many farms in the region to supply local hotels, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants throughout the Sunshine Coast region.

These produce professionals may not be smiling on the outside but they smile all day long!

With the inception of better technologies we have also found better ways to do business and this also includes the latest and the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

Our preferred cryptocurrency payment method is Bankcoin Reserve & Bankcoin.Global which we find the best, to enable us to grow our business and keep us as a leader in our chosen field.
— Platinum Produce Owners


Brick-and-mortar businesses accepting Bankcoin Reserve (AUSTRALIA), Bankcoin Global (MEXICO) and sometimes BCR@W (HONG KONG) as well.

Michael Byriel, Residential Realtor AUSTRALIA accepts commissions in BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/real-estate/michael-byriel-realtor-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/ 

Col. David Brenner (Ret.) Commercial Realtor, Winter Park, Florida, UNITED STATES accepts commissions in BCR:  https://cbrenner.com

Pastor Jim Kibler Melbourne, Florida, UNITED STATES accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/life-style/pastor-jim-kibler-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-for-donations/

The World Harvest Ministries accepts BCR and BCG INTERNATIONAL:  https://www.snn.bz/life-style/world-harvest-ministries-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

The BIBLE website ThyWord.Global (INTERNATIONAL) accepts BCR and BCG:  https://www.snn.bz/life-style/thy-word-global-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Wyith.EDU online Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees HONG KONG accept BCR, BCG and BCR@W:  http://wyith.edu

QuitaSSo is a Picasso Art Lover and Enthusiast from MEXCO. This artist accepts 50% cash 50% BCR for artwork:   https://www.snn.bz/news/quito-quezada-artist-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Space Coast Business Consultancy accepts BCR UNITED STATES https://e3company.com

Stewart and Dena Stewart Artists, Miami Beach, Florida, UNITED STATES accept 50% cash 50% BCR for artwork:  http://stewartstewart.us/category/artist/  and  http://denastewart.us/category/denas-artwork/

Automotive Consultants Car Dealership in AUSTRALIA accepts down payments and consultancy fees (run from $500 to $1000 AU to accompany you to auction to choose a car). They accept BCR and BCG for the consultancy fees. The car is paid in regular cash:  

Kerry’s Creative Cuts Hair Salon AUSTRALIA 

Signature Hair Stylists SINGAPORE accepts BCR:   https://www.snn.bz/fashion/signature-hairstylists-accept-bankcoin-global-and-bankcoin-reserve/

Ian Jacobs 3 time world champion, personal trainer INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SPEAKER: https://www.snn.bz/news/former-world-kickboxing-champion-ian-jacobs-accepts-both-bankcoinreserve-and-bankcoinglobal/

The plumber BMP AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/business/bmp-plumbing-accepts-bankcoin/

The butcher From Paddock to Plate:  AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/business/paddock-2-plate-butchers-accepting-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Platinum Produce AUSTRALIA accepts BCR: https://www.snn.bz/food/platinum-produce-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

The delicatessen AUSTRALIA accepts BCR: https://www.snn.bz/business/village-deli-bongaree-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Black Garlic Grower AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/business/black-garlic-world-accepting-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Barries Galore Store accepts BCR: https://www.snn.bz/business/berries-galore-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Fruit Barn AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/business/ninji-fruit-barn-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

SjW Mushroom Grower & Distributor AUSTRALIA accepts BCR: https://www.snn.bz/business/mushrooms-to-bankcoin/

Pizza Capers AUSTRALIA accept BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/business/pizza-capers-accepts-bankcoin-reserve/

Rollin’ in Dough Bakery accepts BCR: https://www.snn.bz/food/rollin-in-dough-bakery-now-rollin-in-bankcoin/

Aggregate business AUSTRALIA accepts BCR: https://www.snn.bz/business/coastal-landscape-supplies-accepts-bankcoin-reserve/

Dr. Marler the evangelist AUSTRALIA, INDIA, THAILAND accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/life-style/dr-shaun-marler-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global-for-world-harvest-ministries/

Daniel Street fruit and vegetables AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/food/daniel-street-fruit-and-vegetables/


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