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Chiropractor, Dr. Mario Marsilio, DC, has treated all sorts of pain from various causes.  Now he also eases your financial strain by accepting Bankcoin Reserve (BCR). If you have been injured in some sort of an accident and are experiencing back or neck pain, headaches, sciatica or any other type of pain, Dr. Marsilio wants to make sure you have excellent medical care as well as excellent legal representation.

In 32 years of professional experience, working with insurance companies and attorneys, Mario has learned who to refer people to—and who NOT to refer people to. If you’ve been in an accident, please allow us to refer you to legal professionals who really do work for YOU and have YOUR best interests in mind.

A Unique, Friendly Environment

When you come in to our office, you’ll notice right away that this chiropractic office is a little different. You’ll likely be greeted by Sherry, the receptionist and indispensable assistant to Dr. Marsilio, whose ready smile and quick wit will make you feel right at home.

Invariably, you’ll hear laughter echoing throughout the building, while Dean Martin music is piped through the offices. Clients tend to hang around and chat a while. Nobody’s a stranger here.

Compassionate, Pain-Free Care

Dr. Marsilio makes all the difference. To most, he’s just plain “Mario.” He always makes time to really check in with the people he serves, to see how they’re really doing. Your very first meeting with the doctor, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much time he spends getting to know your background and specific needs. He takes his time explaining and answering questions. Mario’s out-going Italian personality, coupled with his years of professional experience, make him a unique and effective doctor who is just plain fun to be around.

Marsilio Chiropractic

3580 Aloma Avenue, Suite 3
Winter Park, FL 32792


Brick-and-mortar businesses accepting Bankcoin Reserve (AUSTRALIA), Bankcoin Global (MEXICO) and sometimes BCR@W (HONG KONG) as well.

Our customer list grows daily…

Jill Egizii, former Mayor of Leland Grove, Illinois now dedicates her time to WILD CANINE RESCUE a national 501(C)3 based in Illinois. UNITED STATES.  https://www.snn.bz/news/jill-egizii-endorses-and-accepts-bankcoin-reserve/

Sebow Custom Golf Putters designed for your grip, your height, your swing… accepts BCR INTERNATIONAL

Naowell Abt – Fine Art Photography from Abstract to Nature accepts BCR, lives in FRANCE

Exciting Online game KARAOGAME now accepts BCR and BCG – Game is INTERNATIONAL

Michael Byriel, Residential Realtor AUSTRALIA accepts commissions in BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/real-estate/michael-byriel-realtor-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/ 

Col. David Brenner (Ret.) Commercial Realtor, Winter Park, Florida, UNITED STATES accepts commissions in BCR:  https://cbrenner.com

Pastor Jim Kibler Melbourne, Florida, UNITED STATES accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/life-style/pastor-jim-kibler-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-for-donations/

The World Harvest Ministries accepts BCR and BCG INTERNATIONAL:  https://www.snn.bz/life-style/world-harvest-ministries-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

The BIBLE website ThyWord.Global (INTERNATIONAL) accepts BCR and BCG:  https://www.snn.bz/life-style/thy-word-global-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Wyith.EDU online Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees HONG KONG accept BCR, BCG and BCR@W:  http://wyith.edu

QuitaSSo is a Picasso Art Lover and Enthusiast. This artist currently lives in MEXICO and accepts 50% cash 50% BCR for artwork:  https://www.snn.bz/news/quito-quezada-artist-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Space Coast Business Consultancy accepts BCR UNITED STATES https://e3company.com

Stewart and Dena Stewart Artists, Miami Beach, Florida, UNITED STATES accept 50% cash 50% BCR for artwork:  http://stewartstewart.us/category/artist/  and  http://denastewart.us/category/denas-artwork/

Automotive Consultants Car Dealership in AUSTRALIA accept down payments in BCR and BCG:  https://www.snn.bz/business/automotive-consultants-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Kerry’s Creative Cuts Hair Salon AUSTRALIA https://www.snn.bz/business/creative-cuts-hair-salons-accepting-bankcoin-reserve/

Signature Hair Stylists SINGAPORE accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/fashion/signature-hairstylists-accept-bankcoin-global-and-bankcoin-reserve/

Ian Jacobs 3 time world champion, personal trainer INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SPEAKER: https://www.snn.bz/news/former-world-kickboxing-champion-ian-jacobs-accepts-both-bankcoinreserve-and-bankcoinglobal/

The plumber BMP AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/business/bmp-plumbing-accepts-bankcoin/|

SjW Mushroom Grower & Distributor AUSTRALIA accepts BCR: https://www.snn.bz/business/mushrooms-to-bankcoin/

Daniel Street fruit and vegetables AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/food/daniel-street-fruit-and-vegetables/

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