Armando Gómez, Hipólito Ariaga Pote, Dr. Kalep González Blanco, Lic. María Alicia Almanza Vázquez, Alejandro González León

Armando Gómez

The president of “The Observatory on Digital Communication (known as OCCAM) Mr. Pierre Paolo Zaporito at the United Nations invited indigenous governor Hipólito Ariaga Pote to the United Nations so that his voice may be heard internationally by its members.

The Indigenous Governor sent Mr. Armando Gómez and Mr. Luis Galvis Cuy to represent him at the United Nations.  With attentive respect, we ask you to listen to our voice, a simple message that we believe deeply.

During this event, it was announced that Mexico’s multinational organization Canacintra supports the agricultural and industrial projects of Mexico’s indigenous people who are now focusing their interests towards Blockchain and Digital Assets.

Luis Galvis Cuy, Eng.

Cesar Arturo Silerio, President of Canacintra’s AgroIndustrial Sector explains the work Canacintra is doing that directly affects Mexico’s industrial and agricultural successes worldwide.

This multi-conglomerate, Canacintra is where industry and agriculture join forces to meet the needs of countries located all over the world providing for their varying levels of need. Some countries require building infrastructure and others need to reinforce their existing infrastructure. Many countries are interested in modernized high yield food production achievable through state-of-the-art technology.


Dr. Kalep González Blanco and Lic. Cesar Arturo Silerio

Lic. Cesar Arturo Silerio shares the following… 

“Thank you so much for this interview.  I represent one of the sectors in Canacintra that works to develop the economic growth in Mexico’s agro-industrial area.

At Canacintra we have been working with the National Indigenous Government to develop the agro-industrial sector in Mexico.

One of the plans we are working on is to approach and work with the new economic tendency that the blockchain represents globally.

We have seen this phenomenon develop in Asian countries like China and Japan as well as in Europe. And in Mexico we have witnessed its development yet in the agro sector we have seen minor resistance due to cultural practices.

Mexico is an Agroindustrial power and as such must remain at the vanguard of the International financial dynamic and technologies.

These are the reasons we at Canacintra have agreed that one of the tasks we must work on at Canacintra’s Agroindustrial sector with the National Indigenous Government is to implement all the modern monetary systems needed to help develop the industry.

The blockchain will help the development of the indigenous communities in the country in the near future. At Canacintra we have been working with various delegations in Asia such as the China Association of Trade in Services (CATIS) to help further develop the Mexican industrial sector.

We began an agricultural program in China last year and we are now celebrating our second harvest. We think it is important for Mexican populations to engage and improve their financial dynamics by working with other countries.

Our goal is to study the financial activities and opportunities that can be applied in Mexico using Blockchain and other financial technologies and solutions as well.

We look forward to applying these new technologies to help the indigenous government of Mexico.

Dr. Kalep González Blanco has engineered and negotiated these projects by integrating them with the technologies and solutions he has designed;  particularly in Blockchain”.

Dr. Kalep González Blanco signing the Collaboration Agreement between Canacintra and the Indigenous People’s Government of Mexico. To his right is  Lic. María Alicia Almanza Vázquez Secretaria Sector Agroindustrial

Lic. Cesar Arturo Silerio continues…

“Without a doubt, I recognize the work that Dr. González Blanco has been doing by integrating Mexico into Blockchain technologies. Dr. González Blanco is also collaborating with Dr. Raymond Cheng of Wyith Institute in Hong Kong.

Going forward, Luis Alberto Castellanos Alvarado, Eng. is working with Hábitat for Humanity (known as HÁBITAT para la Humanidad in Mexico) whose Executive National Director is Gustavo Gutiérrez Lee.  They join us this year and we look forward to integrating our efforts in the construction area.

We would like to share techniques and technologies to generate and promote more construction. We look forward to building a commercial synergy with Habitat for Humanity.There are 14 industrial sectors within Canacintra.  We have the strongest companies in the Mexican economy, from the metal mechanics sector to the chemical, construction, Capital investment, diverse industries, food, drink, tobacco, and the “green” economy.  We work with all these industries in 78 cities throughout Mexico.

Enoch Castellanos Férez, National President of Canacintra

We have worked, in the reconstitution of this corporate institution under the leadership of Enoch Castellanos Pérez who is a Chemical engineer by profession and conducts business in various sectors.

Canacintra has become a fundamental part of the development of the Mexican financial infrastructure of which we represent 20% of the total Mexican economy.

Agroindustry is today one of the strengths that represent Mexico. That is why we are working and encouraging new deals and partnership solutions for the sector.

Dr. González Blanco stated he is honored to work with Canacintra which is one of the participants in this endeavor. “We are looking at a potential trade value of 10 billion USD during the first phase which will take a year. This total capital volume will increase gradually as other agreements that include, housing, sustainable development projects, and communication systems integrate themselves gradually. Thru the integration of these agreements into the blockchain, we are looking into one of the most potentially beneficial projects created in the crypto realm to date”.

There are many Mexican entrepreneurs that go to the USA, develop their businesses there and help fuel the Mexican economy.  And one of the most advanced aspects of multicultural and international business involving the Blockchain and Digital Assets involves big business”.

Michael Del Castillo just wrote an article published by Forbes featuring the Billion Dollar Companies that have adopted Blockchain.  It’s one of the most revealing lists recently published because it reveals that the billion-dollar corporations have adopted Blockchain and digital assets whether they admit it publicly or not.

Click this link to read Michael Del Castillo’s article where he identifies corporations using Blockchain and benefiting from this new technology.

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