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SPACE CONGRESS, Cape Canaveral, FL

[Above] The 46th SpaceCongress held at the Radisson at the Port in Cape Canaveral Florida this year commemorated The 50th year anniversary of the Apollo. Representing Bankcoin Reserve (known as BCR@W at the Wyith Institute in Hong Kong, BankcoinGlobal in Mexico, Canacintra’s work with the Indigenous People of Mexico and their Blockchain and coin (VAI) was Col. David Brenner (Ret.). US Army.

Marilyn McEuen, Aaron McEuen (Starlight Productions Portable Planetarium Dome) and Aaron’s father, John McEuen (one of the founders of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Music Director for SNN.BZ)

What’s a cryptocurrency? Known as a “digital asset”, a cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. A cryptocurrency is difficult to counterfeit because of this security feature. Many cryptocurrencies are decentralized systems based on Blockchain technology, a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate but connected network of computers.

A defining feature of a cryptocurrency, and arguably its biggest allure, is its organic nature; it is not issued by any central authority, rendering it theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.

Meanwhile, both corporate and individual donors’ donations made to the Wyith educational network are also managed by Manulife Insurance headquartered in Waterloo, Canada with offices throughout the entire ASEAN region. Manulife is known as John Hancock Insurance in the USA.


This philanthropic insurance policy that Manulife Insurance has created promises a risk-free, guaranteed return so that donors can get their entire donation back when dividends are paid in the 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, or 30th year. There is also an additional 2.5% interest paid if donors choose to leave their donations in place for another 10-year cycle.

Michellena Yetter, Esq. (Legal Advisor to Wyith Institute) and fiance Josh Curry at the SpaceCongress Banquet

BCR Digital Assets Presentation displayed as Col. Brenner spoke about Dr. Kalep Blanco’s participation representing the Indigenous People of Mexico while signing contracts with Canacintra of Mexico (Agriculture and Industry)

Cryptocurrencies in order of importance. The original was Bankcoin Reserve; once re-engineered it became BCR@W in Hong Kong and BankcoinGold in Mexico. Valor Indigena is the new Indigenous People’s Blockchain and cryptocurrency and BankcoinGlobal is the original coin created at the Autonomous University in Mexico.

International Panelists Col. David Brenner (Ret.), Dr. Sandra Brogl, Dr. Ahmed Alhelal wait their turn to go out to their waiting audience.

Business partners  and collaborators John McEuen and Ruthie DiTucci

(Far Right) Col. Brenner is an Associate Director of Wyith Institute (Wyith.edu) of Hong Kong which was founded in 1992 by Dr. Raymond Cheng. Of the several digital assets Col. Brenner represents, only Wyith’s BCR@W is progressive in all matters of education and training through the use of digital assets.

At Canacintra they have been working with various delegations in Asia such as the China Association of Trade in Services (CATIS) to help further develop the Mexican industrial sector.

We began an agricultural program in China two years and we are now celebrating our second harvest. We think it is important for Mexican populations to engage and improve their financial dynamics by working with other countries. 

Members of the Canacintra Group and members of the CATIS Group in Beijing, China.

Our goal is to study the financial activities and opportunities that can be applied in Mexico using Blockchain and other financial technologies and solutions as well.

We look forward to applying these new technologies towards helping the Indigenous People of Mexico.  Dr. Kalep Gonzalez Blanco has engineered and negotiated these projects by integrating them with the technologies and solutions he has designed; particularly in Blockchain”.

Digital Assets in our programs:

Bankcoin Reserve: originally from Australia and its associated Blockchain (AAABlockchain). This original cryptocurrency carries nine patents (https://bankcoins.info).  The other coins are BankcoinGlobal, BankcoinGold, Bankcoin Reserve at Wyith, known as BCR@W and the Indigenous People’s Coin known as VAI.   

FOX Florida Network Affiliate photographer videotaping robotics students as theyenjoy the Portable Planetarium show on VR Glasses.

This is a visual example of our planetarium experience. Setup is about 1 hour with take down about 30 minutes. We require 1 20-Amp outlet. It can go into school gyms, lunch rooms, libraries, common areas that have a 14′ clearance. Starlight Productions serves the science needs of up to 500 children in one school day depending on student size.

Please visit Starlight Productions website at https://www.starsmart.org/ for pricing and catalog of shows. To schedule a dome at your school or Science Celebration Event, Contact Aaron Mceuen at 801-712-3415.

Teacher/mentor accompanied her students to see the portable planetarium.

Volunteer took a moment to enjoy the oculus portable planetarium.

The Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology is revolutionizing the financial industry the way the steam engine revolutionized production.

What is Blockchain?  Blockchain is a digital record of transactions. The name comes from its structure, in which individual records, called blocks, are linked together into a single list, called a chain. … It is also intentionally difficult to alter past transactions in Blockchain since all the subsequent blocks alter simultaneously.

(Left) Charles Brenner with his son Col. Brenner.

Digital Assets in Education:
The Wyith Institute in Hong Kong is sponsoring 500 MBAs, Master’s degrees and EdDs in Educational Management (which is a professional doctorate programme for trainers and engineering managers) in conjunction with the Wesleyan University sister university in the Philippines. We now offer 9 sponsored degrees.

Wyith Institute is also offering three professional “Diploma Programmes” to students around Asia utilizing the digital assets. Additionally, Wyith Institute is offering brand new online sessions in cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology to a number of universities to update their current BSIT curriculums.  

Another wonderful aspect of the digital asset at Wyith.edu (known as BCR@W) is that it is KYC (know your customer) & AML (anti-money laundering) compliant (meaning that BCR@W is banker-friendly).

We are also working with Dr. Kalep Blanco’s collaborative project between Canacintra (the industrial and agricultural conglomerate of Mexico, the USA, Asia and with the Mexican Indigenous People’s Governor Hipólito Ariaga Pote.

Armando Gómez represented the Governor of the Mexican Indigenous People at the United Nations

Dr. Kalep Blanco designed the Indigenous People’s Blockchain and its associated VAI coin which was introduced at OCCAM’s InfoPoverty Meeting at the United Nations just last month. Armando Gomez represented the Mexican Indigenous People’s Governor Hipólito Ariaga Pote.

Habitat for Humanity is also collaborating with the Indigenous People of Mexico helping build homes for that population working hand-in-hand with “Habitat para la humanidad”.

ICSTARS Educational Videos are now playing in Planetariums all over the world. At this SpaceCongress we are also sponsoring STEM via portable planetarium videos being viewed internationally.

The videos teach children about the planets and the universe. We had a small trade show sized portable planetarium and oculus virtual reality glasses for adults and children alike to view the planetarium videos at the Space Congress property.

We proudly announce that ICSTARS has been invited back in July of 2019 by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation and the invitation has been accepted.

VAI coin: representing the indigenous People of Mexico
Bankcoin.Global: engineered by Dr. Kalep Blanco
Bankcoin Gold: engineered by Dr. Kalep Blanco
WAVES: originated in Eastern Europe  In 2020 the Indigenous People of Mexico’s Blockchain and cryptocurrency will be made available at this website:  http://ind-v.com    

210,000 futures will be issued, which will be divided into 3 packages of 70,000 units.  Keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are still risk associated and not protected by anything. All related activities are purely voluntary and speculative. 

  • First package: with a value of 50 USD per future, which may be redeemable for 10 VAI each. Each VAI at the time of release to the market and in a course of 9 months will obtain a value of USD 100 per unit.
  • Second package: with a value of 100 USD per future, which may be redeemable for 10 VAI each. Each VAI at the time of release to the market and in a course of 9 months will get a value of USD 100 per unit
  • Third package: with a value of 300 USD per future, which may be redeemable for 10 VAI each. Each VAI at the time of release to the market and in a course of 9 months will get a value of USD 100 per unit
  • Each of these units can then be redeemed by Bitcoin in any of the exchanges that are exchanging VAI.
  • The capital will be used to develop and leverage the value of the indigenous currency.
  • The investment will be leveraged in Bitcoin and the accounts will be made public.
  • The contracts will be for 9 months with a penalty of 30% against early withdrawal of the investment.


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